If you would like to support ArchBang now and in the future then a couple of dollars/euros/pounds all helps. Hosting, Domain name and hardware all cost real money. Do this more for Open Source and sharing all my work with others.

Paypal link below:

Thank you

Mr Green

ArchBang Light version

The light iso is available to testing, do not expect too much. Basically I have removed the heavy applications for lighter versions. You still have a file-manager (mc) and media player (cmus) terminal based. Netsurf is much lighter although not feature rich. Thing is Archlinux is network based so if you do need Firefox, Gparted or any other application it can simply be installed (given a working network connection). Do not worry normal service will resume and I can now focus spring release.


Just could not get forum to run without a high level of spam. So I decided to close it. Now running this blog as a way to keep users updated.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, issues or requests.

Will take me a little while to get things set up here so bear with me.