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Am getting far too spam in comments of posts on blog so decided that once hosting comes up I will keep domain and go back to sourceforge for forum/blog stuff.

As always I can be reached via mrgreen (at) archbang (dot) org.

Back to news have uploaded a newer version of winter release to keep things fresh. Arch kernel seems to be updated daily so hard to keep up. Will more than likely update again early next month.

Right back to messing around with DWM!!!! 😉



If you would like to support ArchBang now and in the future then a couple of dollars/euros/pounds all helps. Hosting, Domain name and hardware all cost real money. Do this more for Open Source and sharing all my work with others.

Paypal link below:

Thank you

Mr Green

ArchBang Light version

The light iso is available to testing, do not expect too much. Basically I have removed the heavy applications for lighter versions. You still have a file-manager (mc) and media player (cmus) terminal based. Netsurf is much lighter although not feature rich. Thing is Archlinux is network based so if you do need Firefox, Gparted or any other application it can simply be installed (given a working network connection). Do not worry normal service will resume and I can now focus spring release.

Happy Holidays, ArchBang Winter iso available

ArchBang winter iso available on sourceforge, not many changes updated packages and wallpaper. Switched too LXpanel for this release, do not worry tint2 is still shipped with iso.

Am working on a light version again to reduce download time and ease installing. This will have a very reduced package set.

Best Wishes

Mr Green